What is Rouom 4G LTE Security Cameras?

What is Rouom 4G LTE Security Cameras - Rouom

4G LTE security camera is really thought in the future, when 4G becomes popular, people will see that life will be more convenient with the 4G network. It boasts a sophisticated and premium design and has the best performance in low-light environments. This camera is built to go anywhere you want it to go. It's perfect as part of your home's security system or video baby recorder.


The 4G wireless camera is with a wireless internet broadband network, can work with a 4G/3G network, and can be widely used in hidden cameras and wireless security camera systems.


In today's society and technology, using 4G LTE security cameras is an innovative new way to provide safety and surveillance with increased mobility. However, not all units are the same, so it is essential to understand exactly what the process is for using cellular high-definition recording and wireless streaming devices.


Now, The Rouom 4G is a security camera that uses 4G LTE for communication and a solar panel to keep it powered, IP67 waterproof function suitable for outdoor with any weather.  Other than the cable that runs from the solar panel to the camera, the rouom 4G camera is 100% wireless.


How about Rouom 4G Security Cameras

  • Two-way audio, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, and advanced motion detection make for modern and robust security, while the option for local backup storage via an SD card ensures a reliable way to backup footage in the event of a signal dropout.
  • Night vision and motion sensor technology make the camera useful in most lighting conditions, so you can receive alerts day or night. Helping to see true-color night vision in real-time and see through darkness up to 98 feet even in very low light conditions.
  • Claiming to be ‘the world’s first and only 100% wire-free, IP66Certified weather-resistant, we offer a SIM card connected mobile HD security camera, the Rouom 4G is another well-liked option for those looking for cellular security. 
  • Rouomflagship 4G product is perfect for those on the move. Totally wire-free and suitable for the outdoors and indoors, the camera runs on 4G and 3G networks, meaning a WiFi connection isn’t needed. 
  • Up to 1080HDcapture, a large capacity rechargeable battery, and the option for solar power all make the camera well-equipped for a vast range of security needs, but the standout feature is its 320-degree pan and 90-degree tilt ability. This means providing you with a wider and more flexible camera field of view, which can achieve almost no dead angle coverage scope.


If you search for the best cellular security camera 2022 in the market, wireless security cameras are more popular. But wireless WiFi security cameras have some limitations. For example, you cannot control them out of the WiFi connection when your device is far away from WIFI.


For some reason, nowadays, 4G cellular security cameras are getting popular nowadays. The best cellular security camera system is durable, can tolerate extreme weather, and works without a WiFi connection. Purchase data plan and insert SIM card to control it remotely.


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